Chancery Definition

Pronunciation:*chan(t)-s*-r*, *chan(t)s-r*
Inflected Form:plural -cer£ies
Etymology:Middle English chancerie, alteration of chancellerie chancellery, from Old French, from chancelier

1 a capitalized : a high court of equity in England and Wales with common-law functions and jurisdiction over causes in equity
b : a court of equity in the American judicial system c : the principles and practice of judicial equity
2 : a record office for public archives or those of ecclesiastical, legal, or diplomatic proceedings
3 a : a chancellor's court or office or the building in which it is located
b : the office in which the business of a Roman Catholic diocese is transacted and recorded c : the office of an embassy : CHANCELLERY 3
–in chancery 1 : in litigation in a court of chancery; also : under the superintendence of the lord chancellor *a ward in chancery* 2 : in a hopeless predicament

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